John Franklin Howard

John Franklin HOWARD was born March 10th 1869 in Kaufman County, Texas. He was the son of William Anderson HOWARD (born March 10th 1848) and Missouri Lucy Rosalie BRISCOE.

He married Pearl CARGILL on January 23rd, 1904. Their children were:

Roy Franklin HOWARD was born December 26th, 1904 in Warren, Oklahoma (Jackson County). Roy never married. He died December 25th, 1960 in Pampa, Texas (Gray County).

Richard Carl HOWARD was born June 17th, 1906 in Warren, Texas (Jackson County). Richard married Illa(?) and had a son "Dickie" and daughter "Tookie." He died July 22nd, 1988 in Pampa, Texas ( Gray County).

Eva Catherine HOWARD was born May 8th, 1908 in Collingsworth, Texas (Grayson County). She married Granville Lewis Lipscomb "Skoot" ROBERTSON on January 20th, 1932 in Fredrich, Oklahoma.

Frieda HOWARD was born April 18th, 1911 in Collingsworth, Texas (Grayson County). Frieda married Jim WITHROW. They had one son "Jimmie Keith" who died in his 20's. Frieda died April 27th 1988 in Pampa, Texas (Gray County).

Eugene Paul "Buck" HOWARD was born July 29th, 1915 in Collingsworth, Texas (Grayson County). "Buck" worked for Phillips as a machinist. He first married Margaret TURLEY. They had one son, Donald Wayne. His second marriage was to Jean (?) Jean had two daughters.

Glenn Knight HOWARD was born September 20th 1917 in Collingsworth, Texas (Grayson County). Glenn had a bad eye from an accident as a child and worked for Phillips in security. He married Eileen (?). The had a son Glenn "Skipper" Knight Jr. and a daughter Glenda.

Illa HOWARD was born on February 26th, 1919 in Tillman County, Oklahoma. Illa married Edgerton Roswell "Red" HASKINS. They had two sons "Butch" and Danny, and a daughter Judy.

Dorothy Nell HOWARD was born July 1st, 1920 in Frederick, Oklahoma (Tillman County). She first married Bob GRANT (possibly not his real name - not sure why) who she divorced. Their children were Bobby, Phillip, Vicki, & Donna. Her second marriage was to "Fat" DIGGERS. Dorothy was a registered nurse. She died on 18 Jun 1965 in an auto accident.

Brice Olonzo Howard and older brother John Franklin Howard.

John Franklin Howard died August 14th, 1947 in Pampa, Texas (Gray County). He was buried August 16th, 1947 in Decatur, Texas.


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