Ella Cecelia "Billie" Priour/Petrus

Ella Cecelia "Billie" PRIOUR was born January 3rd, 1899 in Rockport, Texas. Her parents were Theodore Priour and Martha Laura Jane "Mattie" Barber.

She married Julius Raymond Petrus in 1918. They had three children before Julius Raymond passed away in 1926 while working in the oilfields of Venezuela. Their children were:

Annie Laurie Petrus
Julius Leonard Petrus
Gerald Theodore Petrus

Billie ran a cafe in Odem, Texas and later worked at the Odem school cafeteria

Ella Cecilia was married to Julius Petrus. He went to South America to work awhile and died there. Ella raised her children in Skidmore, where she ran a cafeteria she owned for the school kids. Now she lives in Odom, Texas where she runs the school cafeteria. -- Of Pride and Pioneers, Sally Garwood Robeau.

Billie wrote to her neice, Cecilia Thiels, on April 22, l969 (thanks to Anne Moseley who found the letter among her mother Cecilia's belongings and emailed the text to me).

"Dear Cecil:

How are you today? Fine I hope. I received the Easter card and picture you sent to me. Anna Laurie certainly appreciated the picture and clipping. How is sister Alice and family? I hope to see you all down here this summer. I don't know if we will be able to come to Alexandria this summer or not, all depends on Anna Laurie's summer vacation plans and she hasn't planned anything yet. She has been sick with arthritis in her hip. She was in the hospital 8 days for treatment last month, but she seems to be better. She is back to work. Well Cecil, there is no news, except one of Julius' girls graduates from college this May 28th. We are proud of her. Anna Laurie's son has one more year of college, and Julius' son has two more years. I'm real proud of my grandchildren. Well, be good and write me again, I love to hear from you.

Love, Aunt Billie"

In the letter above, Billie was referring to her granddaughter, Katherine Cecelia Petrus, as the college graduate. Julius' son with "two more years" of college was Julius Leonard "Bubba" Petrus Jr.

Billie died in her home in Odem, Texas in 1986. She was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Skidmore, Texas. Ever the devout catholic, she willed the proceeds from the sale of her home to the Catholic Church.

"Grandma Petrus was really nice but, as a devout Catholic, she was always quick to warn me that I was going to go to hell if I didn't get baptized. My memories revolve around her kitchen with it's small table, her lace covered bureau with family photos, and her black & white TV. I was particularly fascinated by her "push" mower. -- Keith Petrus"

Evergreen Cemetery, Skidmore, Texas.

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