William P. Howard

William P. Howard was born around 1809. His father is believed to be Samuel Howard. Win Howard describes the current state of the genealogical research.

I am not sure that we have proved conclusively that Samuel Howard was W. P. Howard's father, their names appear close together on the census rolls in both Alabama and Texas, but the last I heard, as yet there is no direct tie. The census record also revealed that Samuel Howard was of an age that he could likely be the father of W. P. -- Win Howard.

William P. had at least two brothers, John R. Howard and Robert Howard, and may have other siblings we have yet to discover.

William P. Howard came to Texas about 1833, by way of Alabama. Federal Censuses indicate he was born in Georgia. Federal Census also shows that he was in Alabama in 1830 with a wife. His first wife was Mary Roe, born 1812/1814 in South Carolina or Tennessee. Records in Nacogdoches Texas indicate that he was a land owner and paid taxes there in the middle 1830's. The family has a copy of the legal petition written in Spanish asking for transfer of title to land he had bought from a Spanish surnamed individual. Additional information is available from the host of the Howard Family of Texas home page, Kenneth (Pete) Thompson -- Pete Thompson's "Howard Family of Texas" web page, June 5, 1998

William P. married Mary E. Roe (born around 1812-1814 in South Carolina or Tennessee)

Their children were:

Levi Howard was born circa 1832 in Alabama. He married Catherine Bolen around 1859. Their children were Charity, William Anderson, Mary Rebecca, Angeline, John R. "Reckless Rick", Viola, Otis, and James J. "Bud" Howard.

Clarindo Howard was born circa 1833 in Texas.

Alonzo Howard was born circa 1837 in Texas. His children were Mary C., John Allen, Theodosia, Nathan M., Elnora S., Frances, Amanda Jane, Willey, and Pinkney K. Howard.

Sarah Jane Howard was born circa 1839 in Texas. She married Will Tolliver.

John Roe Howard was born in 1841 in Texas. His children were Thomas Jefferson, William Pinkney, James Edward, Isaac Newton, Lula Ellen, Wade Hampton, Everett Jackson, Roy Romero, and Louis Cleveland Howard.

James Howard was born circa 1845 in Texas.

William A. Howard was born March 10, 1848 in Texas.

Rhoda Howard was born circa 1850 in Texas.

Andrew Jackson Howard was born circa 1854 in Texas.

Emily Howard was born circa 1859 inTexas.

We do not know the name of William's second wife but she had a daughter by a previous marriage named Liza Badgers.

William's third marriage was to Sarah E. Gray.

I had some information from a Kaufman County historian, Kathey Kelley Hunt, which says that William P. remarried a widow named Sarah Elizabeth Daugherty Gray on 16 April, 1872. I had never heard of a third marriage. -- Denise Maserang

William P. Howard died January 14, 1875 and is buried in Heath, Rockwall County, Texas.

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