Mary Elizabeth Petrus

 Mary Elizabeth PETRUS was born November 22, 1887 in Alexandria, Louisiana. She was married at least twice, first to Robert Brown Gayle (born October 27th 1860) and then to a man named Holstein. Mary had only one son and two grandchildren:

John Lloyd Gayle. John married a woman named Lucille, lived in San Antonio and had two sons:

Robert Brown Gayle
Rodney Gayle.

It appears (based on letter below) that John Lloyd's wife was named Lucille and that Robert and Rodney were twins.

Stephen Katsurinis emailed me recently with information about the Gayle branch of the family.

Mary Elizabeth Petrus married Robert Brown Gayle (b. 27 October 1860).  They left Baton Rouge around 1910 and moved to San Antonio.  Robert Brown Gayle died about 1916.  They had one boy: John Lloyd Gayle (1913-1985).  His son, Robert Brown Gayle, still lives in San Antonio. My ancestor is Robert Brown Gayle's brother James Christopher Gayle (1858-1926). Best regards, Stephen Katsurinis

John Lloyd Gayle

John Lloyd Gayle in the garden.

Anne Moseley sent me the text of a letter, written by Mary in 1954, to her mother, Cecelia Thiels. Mary would have been 66 years of age at the time the letter was written.

August 3, l954

Dear Cecilia

Will write you another letter and see if you are still living. I guess your son is home by now and you are very proud. Is Alice Grandma again? I had one of those bad spells with my back. It is feeling okay now. Grace and Justina was here last week and Grace's two boys. Lloyd, Lucille and twins is fine. The twins can talk now. They think lots of there MaMaw, thats what they call me. I am sending you a picture of Lloyd and Lucille and twins. Well Cecilia I have a Lone Star Quilt top it is very pretty, a Trip Around the World and another one. I don't know the name. I have an awful lot of pot plants and they are doing so good now and my Iris' is lovely. I would be lost without them. Let me know when you want me to send some tops. I still haven't sold my bedspread. Well give Anne and all of the rest of the folks my love and regards. Write to me and tell some news. You are the only one I ever hear from any more.

With lots of love, From your Aunt Mary, 8ll Dallas Street., San Antonio, Texas"

Letter courtesy of Anne Moseley

Aunt Mary's obsession or hobby was making quilt tops. I remember them well and they were what I would consider "designer quilt tops". I know because through the years as an antique dealer I have sold many quilts the same pattern as the ones Aunt Mary made. All of her tops were made by hand and I still have a couple of them. Get this, her price was $6.00 each and my mother Cecilia would sell them for her. Aunt Anne took care of her in the last years of her life until her mental and physical condition declined and she was admitted to a nursing home. It appeared to me Aunt Mary had a sad life but a pioneer spirit to survive as did many of our ancestors both men and women. -- Anne Mosely

On August 4, 1965, Mary applied for a Social Security number. On the application she gives her age as 77 and her last name as HOLSTEIN. She was living in San Antonio at the time and listed her address as "John Page(?) Street." The application was stamped "WELFARE" and signed by her son, John L. Gayle.

Mary died four years later, on Septermber 22, 1969 at the age of 81.

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