Frank J. Petrus

Frank PETRUS was born December 18th, 1909 to Ferdinand Petrus and Laura Treadway/Petrus. Frank never married.

Frank Petrus from 1920-21, 7th through 10th grade class photo.


Frank Petrus (on left) and brother Lawrence.

In 1941, just one week after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and 4 days before his 32 birthday, Frank signed up to join the United States Army. He listed his sister Ann Petrus/Parkhill as his nearest relative.


Alice & Cecilia Theils, Frank Petrus & Thelma Sellars.

U.S. Army Recruiting Office
Builders Exchange Building, Pecan & N. St. Marys Sts.
San Antonio, Texas
Dec 14, 1941

1. It give me pleasure to advise you that Frank J. Petrus enlisted on Dec 14 1941 in the Army of the United States for (Branch & Station) Air Corps Sheppard Field Texas for a period of Duration of War & Six (6) Months.

2. He gave his age as 31 years and stated that he (was) (was not) married and that no one was dependent upon him for support.

3. He gave his nearest relative (Name) Annie Parkhill

He designated the following person to be notified in case of emergency: (Name) Annie Parkhill (Relationship) Sister (Address) 626 E. Ashby St., San Antonio, Tex.

4. The consent to his enlistment was signed by (Name) (Address) (Relationship)

5. In the event he gave an incorrect age; falsified his marital status; has dependents, or submitted a false consent to enlistment, I am inclosing a self-addressed envelope (no stamp is necessary) addressed to his first Commanding Officer which may be used if you desire to communicate with his Commanding Officer regarding any misstatement of facts. This letter has been shown to the soldier in order that he may reaffirm the answers he gave on his application for enlistment.

Samuel G. Kelly, Capt., Inf.
Recruiting Officer.

War Department

Hq. N.Y.P.E., 1st Ave & 58th St., Office of the Commanding General
Brooklyn N.Y., Official Business
(Postmarked) New York, NY, June 29 6-PM 1943

Mrs. Anne G. Parkhill,
626 E. Ashby,
San Antonio, Texas.

Please address me as shown below until otherwise advised.

(Grade) Pvt (First name, Initial, Last name) Frank J. Petrus (Army serial number) 1805784
(Company, battery, etc.)
548th Bomb Sq (H)
(Regiment or other organization)
385th Bomb G. (H)
c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

The above complete address should be placed on all mail sent to me.

My cable address is AMGIBO
Normal signature (signed)
Frank J. Petrus

The APO number, city, State, and cable address will be inserted by the port postal officer; the remainder of the card will be completed by individual concerned or designated person.

W.D., A.G.O. Form No. 206 (January 23, 1943)


Frank Petrus died November 24, 1974 in Skidmore, Texas. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Skidmore, Texas.

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