Ferdinand Petrus' death (Crash Fatal To Man, 70) made the front page in 1930.

These are few clippings that caught my eye from the "Beeville Weekly Picayune" and "Beeville Bee"

Beeville Weekly Picayune

BEEVILLE WEEKLY PICAYUNE, September 27, 1907: Last week we put a notice in the Record that H.H. H. Barnard was in the market to buy oats but a little chip out of the right side of the "o" so it appeared that Mr. Barnard wanted to buy cats instead of oats. Saturday a man came to our office inquiring for Mr. Barnard, saying that his son brought in sixteen cats sacked and ready for delivery. Mr. Barnard said he met numerous inquirers that day wanting to know about the condition of the cat market. he didn't make any purchase, but he says he is thoroughly satisfied the people read the ads in the Record &endash;Rogers Record.

Lost In Beeville.

BEEVILLE WEEKLY PICAYUNE, August 28, 1908: Two little girls, about four years of age, said to be form Skidmore, got off of the 3:30 p.m. Sap passenger here Wednesday. No one met them and they did not seem to know who was supposed to, if anybody. They were taken in charge by an incoming lady passenger and the officers instituted a search for some of their people. We failed to learn what success they had.

Beeville Bee

Human Skeleton Unearthed on Farm Near Skidmore. Carcass Evidently That of Man More than Six Feet Tall - Recalls Disappearance of Pioneer Resident.

THE BEEVILLE BEE, February 13, 1919: A human skeleton was unearthed by T. B. Harthcock on his farm, near Skidmore several weeks ago. Mr. Harthcock occupies the Tom Malone place, three miles west of Skidmore. The Skeleton was found in an out-of-the-way place and was discovered through accident. The carcass was that of an unusually tall man from all appearances. Mr. Harthcock judged the man must have been at least six feet two inches in height. The carcass was found in a half-sitting posture. The grave was about five feet deep, but the head of the skeleton was only about two feet from the top of the ground. Two planks were embedded at the top of the head. It appeared the body had been cramped into the grave; put in feet first and weighted down. Mr Harthcock has the skull, ear bones and one arm in his possession. Old timers of Skidmore can't account for the skeleton. Finding of the carcass recalls the mysterious disappearance years ago of Tim Hart, one of the county's earliest settlers. Mr. Hart left his home for a visit to a neighbor's ranch and was never seen or heard of since. Some advanced the theory that Mr. Harthcock's discovery had some connection with his disappearance, but relatives of Mr. Hart and those who knew him say he was a small man and not a man of tall stature.

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